We understand the stress our health plan clients are dealing with due to the COVID-19 crisis – and the fact that, in all likelihood, we are only at the front end of the magnitude of it. As always, MedZed is looking ahead to consider, and minimize, the impact on high-risk members for whom accessing the traditional health care – or even telehealth programs — is challenging. We are thus prepared to use our existing infrastructure to remotely support and manage your high-need members through all elements of diagnosis, in-home care, and early transitions from hospital-based care.

The COVID-19 management program will include proactive outreach to members with a focus on symptom management with an emphasis on elevating ability to self-manage, quarantine protocol support, assessment of the need for hospital-level care, and, when appropriate, testing in the home. Support for transitions of care following an inpatient admission is also available – particularly important should our hospitals get to overcapacity.

MedZed Qualifications:
*>35K telemedicine visits to high-risk members across California
*>35% engagement rates with vulnerable populations
*Transitions of care and episodic intervention experience
*HIPAA compliant CRM and telehealth technology platform

Program Highlights:
*Telehealth assessment by MedZed PCP
*30-day care plan and follow up support
*24/7 Provider line support
*Post discharge care to support allow for earlier return to home

We are committed to helping our community during this time of rapid change. If one of your payer partners would like to set up time to explore how to best support their most vulnerable populations please let us know.

Jonathan Perez
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Program Development
1100 Spring Street NW, Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30309