LIBERTY Dental Plan


LIBERTY is a privately held company that has been providing dental administrative services to members across the United States for over 10 years.  LIBERTY is one of the highest rated and fastest growing dental benefits organizations in the Nation and proudly provides full service administration for some of the Nation’s largest (Fortune100) health plans, labor groups and employer groups, as well as federal, state and local government agencies.  LIBERTY specializes in providing services to government sponsored programs, and considers this to be our core business.

Currently,  over 80%  of  our membership  is  comprised of  beneficiaries  of government  sponsored programs including Medicare, Special Need Populations, Duals, Medicaid and CHIP enrollees.

Our Mission Statement is simple and has remained the same since our inception: LIBERTY is committed to ensuring that our members receive appropriate and necessary preventative and diagnostic treatment on a routine basis, averting costly and damaging episodic treatment.

Additionally, we reach out to our members and provide them with valuable Oral Hygiene Instruction and Case Management when appropriate to promote and protect their oral health and lead to a better quality of life.  We are particularly proud of our direct experience and recognized success working with our country’s most vulnerable populations—especially children—in multiple government programs.

In addition to standard Medicaid beneficiaries, we have also worked with many of our health plan partners to provide “value-add” non-comprehensive, ancillary dental benefits for members over the age of 21. We and our health plan partners have found that these “value-added” benefits are extremely helpful in retaining and attracting members, as well as providing adult members with an alternative to seeking dental services in an Emergency Room.

LIBERTY has also worked closely with government agencies to develop and implement programs that provide unique dental benefits that ensure access to quality dental care for the Medicare Special Needs Population (SNP), the aged, blind, and disabled (ABD) population, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs in many states.

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