Kenny & Company is a management consulting firm offering Strategy, Operations and Technology services to our clients. We exist because we love to do the work. After management consulting for 20+ years at some of the largest consulting companies globally, our partners realized that when it comes to consulting, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Instead, we’ve created a place where our ideas and opinions are grounded in experience, analysis and facts, leading to real problem solving and real solutions – a truly collaborative experience with our clients making their business our business.

Kenny & Company’s Healthcare practice specializes in providing management consulting services to community-affiliated health plans, as well as county-based health delivery systems. Our exceptional, passionate, approachable and collaborative team has over 30 years of combined health plan and county health system experience. We understand and appreciate the multiple facets of community-affiliated health plan constituencies: the members, providers, regulators and community.

The industry is being propelled and whiplashed by government regulations – requiring healthcare organizations to constantly change and adapt to remain viable. We are strategists, leaders, facilitators, problem-solvers, program and project managers, analysts, designers, process engineers, change agents, coaches and trainers – helping our clients to navigate change. Executing change is paramount to our clients’ survival, and our services are informed by effective change management strategy, approach and rigor. We work side-by-side with other ACAP preferred vendors, including RubiconMD, Optum, Safety Net Connect and HMS, to ensure our clients have the right technology solutions, experience, and skills for impactful and sustainable change.

We believe that developing a meaningful partnership with our clients is the most effective, efficient and successful approach to deliver sustainable change. We embrace our clients’ missions and are committed to achievable outcomes for them and their constituencies. We are proud of the strong character our entire team brings, the high intensity in which we thrive, and above all, the great work we do.

Shani Trudgian
Healthcare Practice Partner & CXO
1710 South Amphlett Boulevard, Suite 302
San Mateo, CA 94402