We offer health insurance plans our online SaaS based Jet-Insure Enterprise Platform to facilitate:

1. Quote to Card sales functionality for brokers/agents, inside sales, via exchange
2. Rating and underwriting
3. Policy and Benefit management
4. Fully automated renewals
5. Premium Billing
6. Commissions
7. Comprehensive out of the box integrations with Exchange, popular systems

Health Insurance carriers and TPA’s can use our Jet-Insure platform to sell and service all types of insurance products such as:

1. Medical
2. Dental
3. Vision
4. Health
5. Life
6. Other

Insurance products can be offered to various customer segments such as:

1. Individual & Family Plans
2. Small, Mid and Large groups
3. Fully Funded products
4. Self-Funded products
5. On Exchange, Off Exchange

Asad Shamim
President – Managing Partner
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