Inter-Growth is a national health and human services consulting firm that helps clients deliver creative solutions for the public sector. With more than 60 consultants and experience in 45 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, our team brings decades of experience and knowledge across all facets of Medicaid and Medicare. We can help you navigate complex regulations, retain and expand markets, develop and implement clinical and operational programs, and achieve measurable results.

We are a trusted source for health plans, state and local government, providers, non-profits, local community- and faith-based organizations, and others in the public sector. Our decades of experience means we understand the diversity of the individuals, families, and communities who rely on your organization and the wide range of needs that exist and challenges faced.

The following are a few of the services we provide:
• Business development – Competitor analysis, compelling Medicaid RFP responses, strategic market analysis
• Implementation – Development of plans, programs, and documentation; project management; readiness reviews
• Communications – Stakeholder outreach and facilitation
• Transformation management – Organizational change, new funding streams, adoption of best practices
• Performance improvement initiatives – Evaluation of performance again regulatory or contractual requirements, elevate performance and develop cost and operational efficiencies

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