Icario is the industry’s leading health action company, using behavioral research, data science, and deep industry expertise to move people to better health. We develop personalized healthcare experiences that connect people to better health with every action while reducing member abrasion through the use of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.

Icario partners with more than 50 health plans supporting the health of 100+ million members across Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Commercial, and Exchange populations.

Our solutions address the areas where engaging members is most critical for plans:

•  Closing Gaps: Intelligently motivate members to do good things for their health that improves quality and drives plan performance
•  Connecting to Care: Engage members with specific health needs, then move them to appropriate care with personalized engagement
•  Member Experience: Raise the bar on member satisfaction by gaining valuable insights and driving health action

Icario is on a mission to make the world a healthier place, one person at a time. Learn more about Icario’s health action programs at icariohealth.com.


About Icario’s SDOH Services: 

Icario provides an end-to-end SDoH solution designed to identify and connect the right resources to your members. Our SDoH surveys collect information around six key impact areas and can be customized to understand the unique needs of your population. The results allow you to make programming decisions that are informed by real, actionable data. Icario also offers engagement programs that drive members to specific resources, ensuring you can efficiently improve outcomes for those most at-risk.


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