HMS delivers healthcare technology, analytics and engagement solutions to help reduce costs, improve health outcomes and enhance member experience.

HMS offers payment accuracy through its analytics to ensure that Medicaid is the payer of last resort since 1974. HMS recovers $5.5 billion in measurable annual savings for our clients. Our Payment Integrity solutions help clients avoid and recover improper payments, detect and prevent fraud, ensure regulatory compliance and make your plan stronger. We have the data, analytics and technology to identify improper payment trends as soon as they appear. We analyze all claim types and the widest array of billing issues in the industry. Over 850 expert clinicians and coders work with more than 1,100 analysts and engineers to continuously develop innovative concepts to ensure our clients are maximizing their savings and payment accuracy.

HMS also delivers data-driven population health management through data analytics, member engagement and care management solutions. Our population risk intelligence solution (Elli) identifies risk from day one and throughout the member lifecycle. Our member engagement solution (Eliza) features personalized conversations through multiple channels that drive members to action. Our care management solution (Essette) is a modular platform that enables effective management of the high-risk and high-cost member.

Friso van Reesema
Sr. Account Executive
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