HFI is a mission-driven company, founded on the traditional social work principle of connecting low-income and disabled people with public benefit programs, such as SSI.

By helping your most vulnerable TANF/ACA members enroll into ABD (SSI), HFI provides ACAP plans increased risk-free revenue through higher PMPM rates for those converted members. This brings millions of dollars in bottom-line revenue for the Plan. Members also receive tax-free monthly income which improves access to Social Determinants of Health and opens doors to independence and additional assistances essential for their well-being.

HFI’s cutting edge analytics, data driven proprietary technology and compassionate outreach by our people makes us the leader in successful conversions to ABD (SSI).

Jerry Vitti, founder and CEO of HFI has been involved with state Medicaid program officials in over 20 states and is nationally recognized as an authority in Federal SSI enrollment. He regularly writes op-ed pieces and speaks to journalists from national publications including the: Washington Post, Modern Healthcare, Bloomberg Business, Forbes, Kaiser Health News, the Boston Globe, Inside Health Policy and AIS Health. He is ceaseless in his fight in advocating for people with disabilities and trying to protect our safety net programs.


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