HFI is a mission-driven company, founded on the traditional social work principle of connecting low-income and disabled people with public benefit programs, such as SSI/SSDI.

HFI’s mission is to partner with our clients to improve their fiscal health by advocating for their most vulnerable members.

We accomplish this by effectively identifying and enrolling super-utilizers for Social Security Disability benefits and income. Our cutting-edge technology leverages the power of data analysis to identify far more members who are eligible for SSI/SSDI than any traditional means. We combine this technological edge with the people power of our dedicated and knowledgeable Disability Advocates, social services professionals who are experts at working with medically-complex applicants, to generate up to five times more conversions than other vendors.

The result is a virtuous cycle: the members’ lives are dramatically improved by their new income, which affords them access to important social determinants of health; and the Plan’s bottom line is significantly improved by the proper classification of its Members, which generates higher PMPM and significant cost savings.


About HFI (Healthcare Financial, Inc.):

Founded in 1999 by CEO Jerry Vitti, HFI is a mission driven company that creates 100s of millions of dollars per year for our Medicaid health plan clients. We specialize in solutions that connect low-income and disabled individuals with disability benefits. We are experts at advocating for the socially and/or medically complex applicant.

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Vice President of Sales
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