HealthCrowd is a next generation unified healthcare communications platform for payers. Our platform allows health plans to manage member communications across the member continuum – from enrollment through recertification – using text messaging, interactive voice response, email, mobile web (nanosite), chat and social media. For the first time, HealthCrowd gives health plans visibility into every single touch-point with a member. Because of our multimodal capabilities, we help consolidate multiple vendor relationships into one. The benefit is that members receive consistent messaging and are not bombarded. In addition, each health plan department now has transparency into every other department’s outbound communications through an integrated user interface. We primarily serve members who are enrolled in public or state-sponsored coverage programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP or other state-only subsidized programs. We also partner with pharmaceutical companies, as well as dental and vision health plans.

HealthCrowd powers programs relating to: new member welcome, communication of membership benefits, HEDIS outreach, ED follow-up, medication adherence, chronic disease management and recertification/retention. HealthCrowd is an end-to-end platform – we provide dynamic content modules that drive results, personalization and optimization technology, as well as outcomes analytics. Value-added services include data cleansing, translations, voice recordings, email template design and development, nanosite design and development and advanced analytics. Last, HealthCrowd was the first vendor to demonstrate that text messaging can improve HEDIS rates. Our programs deliver an ROI of at least 3x.

HealthCrowd routinely uses telehealth even in non-emergency times. Currently, we are actively assisting our health plan customers with COVID-19 related initiatives.

Neng Bing Doh
President & CEO
561 Pilgrim Drive, Suite A
Foster City, CA 94404