Freespira is the only FDA-cleared digital therapeutic proven to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of panic attacks, panic disorder, and PTSD in just 28 days by training users to normalize respiratory irregularities. Health plans (including ACAP member CCHP), self-insured employers and the Veteran’s Administration use Freespira to improve quality of life and reduce medical spend.

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About Freespira’s SDOH Services:

Freespira is a first-in-class FDA-cleared, medication-free digital therapeutic indicated for treatment of panic disorder and PTSD. Freespira addresses a common underlying physiological factor of panic attacks and PTSD symptoms, a hypersensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2), which can lead to chronic respiratory dysregulation and bodily hypervigilance, a leading factor of panic attacks and PTSD flashbacks. Freespira normalizes CO2 and respiratory rates in a single 28-day treatment—delivering clinical improvement at lower cost. Guided, twice-daily treatments use a sensor sampling the patients exhaled air (to measure exhaled CO2 levels and respiration rates). These physiological indicators are displayed in real-time on a tablet as visual feedback along with rising and falling audio tones to teach patients how to normalize respiration rate and expired CO2 levels. Concurrent coaching offers education and promotes patient engagement. The Freespira treatment is delivered consistently to all patients, avoiding practice pattern variation. It is adjunctive to therapy and medication, while also expanding access to mental health care. Its remote, at-home delivery and short duration reduce barriers to care such as transportation, caregiver shortages, and cost.


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