Finity’s health intelligence engagement technologies, solutions, and methodologies are designed to empower members to make healthy choices that increase compliance, lower healthcare costs, and improve overall member health. Finity offers meaningful incentives combined with a strong multimedia engagement strategy that has proven to effectively motivate members to take personal responsibility of their own health while improving HEDIS quality measures. Finity’s Health Intelligence platform supports quality measures through LifeTracks (i.e., Maternal & Infant Health, Heart Health, Diabetes, Asthma, Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorder, Healthy Lifestyle, and SDOH), which all include relevant content, videos, tools, resources such as appointment scheduling and reminders, & rewards integration. There’s also smart high-tech and high-touch peer-based health coaching for high-risk maternal and infant health, behavioral health, and diabetes members. All coaching solutions are integrated with our Health Intelligence solution and technology.

About Finity’s SDOH Services: 

Finity identifies SDOH needs through claims, eligibility, health scan and HRA data. Finity’s Health Intelligence member portal displays SDOH resources for key areas through Finity’s SDOH LifeTrack based on member needs. For example, members who have been identified with food insecurities may see resources about their local food bank, WIC program, or learn about their SNAP benefits. Finity’s HRA also assesses SDOH gaps and generates personalized output based on the members’ needs.

Trina Milling

VP Strategy & Business Development

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