With over 18,000,000 lives under management, Excelsior Solutions is a leading, national healthcare consulting firm that specializes in helping Health Plans and other Payers optimize their pharmaceutical spend.  We believe in strong transparent relationships between parties that align the incentives of all partners.  Once incentives are aligned, significant financial progress can be made to establish and sustain long lasting strategic partnerships.

This process delivers several measurable benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Substantial cost savings on annual prescription drug spend;
  • Aggressive year-over-year trend management;
  • Maximization of support services available to Members – enhancing overall satisfaction;
  • And much more!

Our core values include:

  • Full transparency between us and our Clients;
  • We do not and will not take compensation from a Vendor for the placement of business;
  • Complete focus on lowest net cost strategy;
  • We only hire the absolute best industry executives.  These executives are typically former C-level managers of PBM’s, Pharmacy Retailers, and Managed Care Organizations.  Please visit our website to learn more about our core Leadership Team (www.excelsiorsolutions.com).

Additionally, we have several key relationships with Value-Added Strategic Partners that deliver complementary risk management services as well – empowering you and your enterprise to both protect and maximize your bottom line. Optimize your Plan today by scheduling a confidential and no-risk consultation.

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Marketing Specialist
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