Ereteam Analytics is a full-service data analytics company with offices in Parsippany, NJ and Istanbul Turkey. Our customer base is widespread around the globe from Europe to Australia, from Africa to South America and USA. As Ereteam Analytics we are offering a solution which helps Community Affiliated plan providers acquire the best prospects for their membership acquisition campaigns using advanced analytical methods (Statistical & Machine Learning Technologies)

We have been helping community health organizations with their targeting efforts to acquire new members for their organizations for almost 10 years now in New York and Massachusetts. We have a very well developed and success proven approach which starts with understanding the profiles of existing members and building a solution for our clients utilizing available third-party information about individuals and households and building databases for them where they could try to target people with similar attributes to their membership bases. This is a turn-key solution utilizing; the database we have built with their membership base & the prospects universe and specific targeting response models for all marketing channels. They can select depending on their marketing budgets and the number of individuals they would like to target.

Demirhan Yenigun

Chief Analytics Officer

2 Sylvan Way, Suite 104
Parsippany, NJ 07054