Emids Technologies (Emids) is a leader in digital engineering and transformation solutions that supports the healthcare and life sciences industries. Emids completed its acquisition of FlexTech, Inc., a technology platform consulting company, with deep expertise in core Payer administration solutions. This acquisition, coupled with Emids existing healthcare Payer solutions, allows health plans to adopt advanced market solutions, that deliver accelerated and quantified value, to advance their technology transformation journey.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Emids helps our clients bridge critical transformational gaps with a mission that focuses on ‘Advancing the future of health through impactful technology solutions’. We deliver solutions that facilitate a client ability to deliver affordable, high-quality, and advanced healthcare through practice driven solutions that have been developed with, and for, the Payer industry. We have worked with over 25 ACAP plans, leveraging our experienced and deep domain knowledge of core administration platforms, in partnership with leading healthcare payer technology vendors, to deliver world class results in support of over 250 platform implementations.

We offer the market a complete portfolio of service offerings that are customized for each vendor platform to assure optimized value and results. The portfolio includes full ‘end to end’ service delivery by resource, project, or program. Our scope of service spans the Payer delivery spectrum including but not limited to Pre-Implementation services, such as vendor procurement, implementation readiness and Business transformation, through complete implementation management. Our technology services span digital, integration, data, and test automation services, all with quantifiably defined value. All services are market proven and developed in collaboration with our clients and the market to assure service alignment and value.

Our value is only matched by our unwavering commitment to deliver services in a way the market has come to demand. Without risk and delivered with a guarantee of performance.

Michael J. Ragan
Senior Vice President
318 Seaboard Lane, Suite 110
Franklin, TN 37067