eFamilyCare is a tech-enabled service that provides virtual support to family caregivers. While family members provide over 80% of caregiving for loved ones with chronic illnesses, they are without any real support. Our telehealth solution includes: (1) a technology platform that is accessible by mobile device or browser and provides access to tools and resources such as messaging, video, bilingual capability, and clinical content, (2) dedicated Care Advisers who are social workers, and (3) coaching on how to cope with both medical and non-medical problems, as well as emotional support to the often-isolated family caregiver.
Caregivers use the eFamilyCare app to communicate with Care Advisers who coach, guide, and educate caregivers on how to support their loved one to improve the health and quality of life for the member and the caregiver.

About eFamilyCare’s SDOH Services: 

eFamilyCare provides virtual support through a HIPAA compliant, proprietary, mobile platform to help family caregivers understand social determinants of health to facilitate access to social supports, nutrition, education, safe environment, and healthcare. Care Advisers help family caregivers through messaging, video conferencing, recommending local resources, and providing customized educational information. The Care Adviser helps caregivers address the social determinants of health to improve their loved one’s health as well as their own.

David Zychowski

Vice President of Partnerships

60 Franklin Road
Scarsdale, MY 10583