EHC provides actuarial, financial, and data assistance to health plans, government agencies, and providers. We have experience working across the country with public and commercial insurance products, focusing on Medicaid and Medicare lines of business. The support we provide to health plans generally falls within three areas: revenue understanding and related internal/external communications, internal analytics and data support, and provider contracting. What sets us apart is our passion for creating custom analytics and solutions tailored to each of our clients and then translating those numbers to words. We do not offer stock models and never will. We love data and agonize over the smallest details. However, we realize the strongest approach is only as reasonable as the story it can tell and the direct problem it can solve.

Our most common services are outlined below.

• Capitation Rate Development and Review
• Actuarial and Financial Analyses
• IBNP Development
• Risk and Efficiency Analyses
• Encounter Data Validation and Review
• Provider Reimbursement and Incentives
• Data Analyses and Review
• Actuarial Strategy

We look forward to hearing from you to understand how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Kyle Edrington
Managing Partner