Drummond offers the CMS Payer and Patient Access FHIR® Certification Program powered by Touchstone to provide payers with third party verification of compliance to the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMA-911-F) as well as navigate future FHIR-based API requirements for Payer to Payer Data Exchange, Prior Authorization, and quality measure reporting.

This testing and certification program features the AEGIS Touchstone testing sandbox complete with test scripts which provide robust analysis and feedback of compliance to the FHIR Implementation Guides so that you don’t have to be experts in the FHIR IG’s before you start coding. Regular weekly meetings with your Drummond technical account lead also provide you with opportunities to ask questions and quickly resolve issues.

Currently, the program has five different certification badges which align with an AEGIS test suite based on the named implementation guides in the final rule:

• Provider Directory
• Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange
• Bulk Data Export API
• Admission, Discharge, and Event Notifications
• Patient Access API:
o Claims and Encounter Data
o U.S. Drug Formulary
o Patient Clinical Data

Participants who successfully complete Certification are listed on the Drummond website where certificates and a test report detailing exactly what was tested is publicly provided.

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