DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services that improve communication and collaboration between the member’s caregivers and the health plan, enable real-time access to patient data and enhance the clinical view of the care record to help drive better health outcomes.

DrFirst is well-positioned to support ACAP in its mission-critical need to care for plan members and providers and keep them protected from exposure during COVID-19 and beyond.

DrFirst Backline® – HIPAA-compliant secure care collaboration platform combines remote telehealth and video conferencing for providers and other clinicians to reach out to their patients personally:
• Provider-initiated virtual visits with their own patients
• Secure messaging, including patient-centered and group chat, including payer care managers
• Controlled substance e-prescribing through iPrescribe app integration
• Clinical file sharing
• Electronic form support, and other award-winning features

Providers can reach out and complete real-time patient assessments without patients coming into the office or waiting in the ER where critically ill patients may be exposed to other diseases. Quick, remote assessments also allow providers to expedite diagnosis and treatment plans as well as monitor recovery for their own patients, providing continuity of care. Using virtual visits for routine patient checkups helps doctors prevent exposing healthy patients to the virus in healthcare facilities.

DrFirst CareComplete™ – bi-directional exchange of member medical benefits, clinical alerts, and encounter-based CCDA within EHR workflows. CareComplete automates data extraction to coincide with each encounter, ensuring payer access to meaningful, consolidated clinical information in near real-time to support telehealth and traditional provider-member interactions. The CareComplete platform includes:
• CCDA Exchange
• Care Alerts (Gaps in Care)
• Care Estimator
• Prior Authorization
• Smart Referrals
• Medical Attachments
• Care Profile (payer health record)

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