Cyft partners with leading care organizations to optimize care management for chronic / complex, behavioral health, and dual-eligible populations. Cyft empowers Medicaid plans interested in moving beyond simplistic one size fits all approaches. By capitalizing on all available data to inform care management strategies, populate programs, and measure progress, Medicaid plans improve the health of both their members and their financials.

Cyft is technology-enabled, using all relevant data – from claims to HRAs to case management notes – to match cost savings and revenue generating interventions to those most likely to benefit. However, real progress in care management is only ever achieved via a deep understanding of process and implementation of best practices. Toward that end, Cyft’s team of healthcare experts works closely with partners to understand, design, and integrate results into existing systems and workflows. This high tech + high touch approach has helped 20+ plans capitalize on their existing data and talent to realize >$100M in cost savings and new revenue and improved member retainment and satisfaction.

Backed by years of research and development and founded by Harvard Medical School Professor, Dr. Leonard D’Avolio, Cyft is the result of learning from over 10 million chronic / complex cases, engagements with over 250 hospitals, and 25 health plans. For more information please visit

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