Cyft is focused on helping managed care plans with their top priorities including: 1) securing appropriate levels of reimbursement; 2) improving member retention and; 3) reducing costs through precision care management.

Machine learning and natural language processing technologies have been used to transform industries from retail (Amazon), to transportation (Uber), to advertising (Facebook). But healthcare is different. Claims data is often incomplete or inaccurate. Social determinants and behavioral health issues often complicate our understanding of disease and risk.

That’s why Cyft has to be different.

We start with a deep understanding of your priorities, workflows, and interventions because dropping off software doesn’t lead to meaningful improvements in healthcare.

Then, we ingest all of your data – from call center transcripts to health risk assessments – because claims alone will tell a very incomplete story of the health and satisfaction of your members.

Next, we build empirically validated models to accurately predict what will happen to your members at a granular level. More importantly, we guide you to the members that are likely to benefit most from your support.

Finally, we embed these insights into your existing workflows and systems, measure what is and isn’t working, and continuously improve.

Learn how Cyft’s high tech, high- touch approach has helped over 20 plans significantly increase their revenue, lower their cost, and build lasting relationships with their members. Founded by Harvard Medical School Professor, Dr. Leonard D’Avolio, Cyft is the result of over 10 years of research and development in solving some of healthcare’s most important problems. For more information please visit

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