Constantia Health assists healthcare organizations in the development and management of their provider networks, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational success. At Constantia Health, we develop and maintain provider relationships to create contractual partnerships for our clients. We manage network development activities and recruit new providers to meet business needs. We develop hospital, physician, and ancillary service agreements, ensuring adherence with government operational policies. We monitor network shortfalls and resolve access issues throughout assigned regions. We facilitate resolution of escalated provider issues and promote corporate initiatives for our clients.

Recent Accomplishments:

• Successfully developed and implemented a national urgent care network for Veterans Affairs Programs.
• Negotiated participating provider agreements with the largest health systems in all regions of the U.S.
• Successfully completed Medicare Advantage network adequacy in over 500 service areas in all regions of the United States, including Large Metropolitan Service areas (New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia etc…).
• Successfully negotiated agreements with regional and national hospital systems, adding more than 500 hospitals and more than 100,000 practitioners to the Medicare Advantage networks.

Andrew Cain