CCL provides digital solutions to engage with hard to reach and vulnerable populations such as multilingual and multicultural chatbots, benefit eligibility screeners, and 2-way SMS programs for reminders and continuous patient engagement. We are an end to end software service provider with specific expertise in reaching unique populations, and low income individuals and families.

Our solutions can be used to engage directly with beneficiaries or used as virtual assistants and job aids to help overworked staff to triage frequently asked questions in multiple languages and after hours. We do this through implementing conversational AI trained chatbots that can be embedded on any website, 2-way SMS workflows that allow for continuous feedback loops on care coordination, completing applications and paperwork, or pushing out blast reminders to members for any number of events or tasks.

About CCL’s SDOH Services: 

CCL focuses all of its digital programs on helping individuals and families access resources that will help them to better connect with services. Whether that be a subsidy for broadband, transportation to medical appointments, a medicaid application, or following up after hospital discharge, CCL can help provide additional lines of digital communication to reach and assist more families.

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