From Open Enrollment to ongoing strategic planning, the Command Direct team is completely plugged in to the challenging requirements that Health Plans face. Sensitive healthcare communication requires careful management and execution. Command’s technology is completely dedicated to solving your problems, streamlining processes, and reducing costs, all geared towards keeping you compliant with members and providers.

Automation is the key to many of our proprietary solutions. Our services include:

Printing and Fulfillment featuring Command Intelligence

With a simplified approach, Command Intelligence completely automates the creation of documents directly from a data source. This means your ID Cards, Welcome Kits, Enrollment Kits, A&G letters, Premium invoices and much more, will be parsed, merged, printed and mailed efficiently and quickly. Ensure that your members are receiving high quality printed documents all within compliance guidelines.

Software Solutions featuring Directory Builder

Directory Builder provides a flexible and extremely cost effective method to produce healthcare directories in as little as 48 hours. Driven by customer’s needs, Directory Builder offers many features and benefits including the ability to create multiple directories from one data source; automatic data formatting capabilities; complete customization and much more. With Directory Builder, your healthcare directory will never be out of date.

Compliance and Remediation featuring RAS – Report Archival System

Developed in response to FIDA and Medicare requirements, the RAS (Report Archival System) offers healthcare organizations complete access to all mailed communications. RAS provides comprehensive reporting tools that allow healthcare representatives to view a complete history of communications to specific members and/or providers.
Our ability to produce all aspects of your job from concept to completion enables us to be more than just a vendor but a true strategic partner.

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