Cohere’s digital prior authorization solution fully automates the prior authorization process – for both payer and provider – across the entire episode of care, and leverages AI/machine learning with evidence-based data to influence and improve care decisions and support collaborative value-based care programs.

To drive collaborative care, our platform generates & deploys personalized “care paths” based on prior authorization activity. This enables patient and clinician collaboration in choosing the best care path for the patient; accessing relevant ecosystem programs; directly engaging patients and providers to drive better decisions; and collecting and measuring patient outcomes and care path performance to enable evidence-based care improvements.

Lastly, our value-based care coordination capabilities enable providers in risk-based arrangements to manage all care covered by those arrangements by using actionable, real-time analytics; Cohere enables network management programs to improve provider performance, and improves PCP/specialist/care team coordination.

John Gaines

VP, Marketing

50 Milk Street
Boston, MA 02109