CipherHealth empowers managed care organizations to engage all members throughout their health journey to close gaps in care, improve chronic disease management, and reduce avoidable readmissions and ED visits with engagement software that enhances communication and care coordination. CipherHealth’s integrated solutions help your organization address:

Member Engagement: Outreach with a combination of personalized call, SMS/text, and email programs to listen to member preferences and concerns. Effectively engage members across demographic groups and risk levels for both clinical and non-clinical programs including, but not limited to:
● Social Determinants of Health Needs and Benefits
● HEDIS and Star Rating Quality Improvement
● Emergency Department Utilization Avoidance
● Post-Discharge Follow Up Transitions of Care
● Member Onboarding, Retention, and Assessments

Localized Coordination: By engaging your provider network, CipherHealth will tailor outreach on behalf of the provider to further streamline the care delivery process. Additionally, by offering programs in the member’s preferred language and local area code, CipherHealth’s automated outreach software engages members more effectively than traditional, off the shelf IVR programs. CipherHealth’s team customizes scripts and workflows to meet client objectives with operational efficiency, return on investment, and job satisfaction.

Advanced Integration and Reporting: With CipherHealth’s integration capabilities, we capture and analyze data from multiple sources such as Care Management platforms and EHRs, Member Registries, and State HIEs, to identify population-specific trends and reveal insights in care gap closure and outcomes improvement.

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Account Executive
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