Posit Science is the leading provider of scientifically-proven brain exercises. Our flagship product is the BrainHQ app (available in web, iOS, and Android formats) which includes dozens of brain exercises, which personalizes to each user within minutes. BrainHQ also includes embedded assessments, continuous tracking and reporting of individual performance, newsletter, science bulletins, and a large library of brain health textual, graphical and video information regarding brain healthy activities (e.g., diet, physical exercise, sleep, relaxation, and socialization).

What makes BrainHQ unique is the science. More than 200 published studies have shown benefits across varied populations. Such benefits include better performance at standard measures of cognitive abilities (e.g., attention, speed, memory, executive function, social cognition); at standard measures of quality of life (e.g., depression, stress/anxiety/fatigue, confidence & control, maintaining functional independence/IADLs, self-care management and maintenance, health outcomes, healthcare costs); and at real-world activities (e.g., balance/gait, driving, listening, everyday cognition, work).

BrainHQ has expanded into Medicare Advantage plans over the past two years as a covered supplemental benefit that CMS has approved for broad distribution to all members (much like gym benefits). BrainHQ is offered by leading and five-star plans (e.g., Anthem, Kaiser, Priority, SCAN, Tufts).

Because brain performance is core to many abilities, BrainHQ also often an additional pathway to addressing many Social Determinants of Health (e.g., mobility and transportation, food decisions and preparation, home safety, depression and isolation) that would otherwise require multiple interventions.

BrainHQ is accessible to millions of paid subscribers and meets WCAG accessibility standards. In addition, BrainHQ has both auditory and visual exercises – meaning the visual exercises can be used by people with severe hearing loss and the auditory exercises can be used by people with severe visual loss. BrainHQ also meets SOC-2 security standards and is HIPAA compliant.

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