Best Foot Forward (BFF) is headquartered in South Florida, with offices in Illinois, Indiana and Pennsylvania. BFF works with MCOs — primarily Medicaid health plans — to help them re-establish contact and connect with their hard-to-reach, high-utilization, or target- risk group members in efforts to engage these members in better utilizing their existing insurance coverage, thus improving health outcomes. BFF also helps MCOs manage their process for welcoming new enrolled members, as often contact information is spotty or inaccurate.

By providing health engagement solutions that are carefully customized and designed, BFF assists Medicaid health plans to meet key targets and enhance member engagement, patient education, and financial goals. With easy-to-follow processes that help patients better utilize their existing coverage, we can improve healthcare outcomes, while also supporting MCOs to boost not only their HEDIS scores, but their financial bottom-lines as well. A true win-win for all.

Best Foot Forward’s Retention Services:

Best Foot Forward (BFF) is a consulting firm that specializes in member engagement services for healthcare insurance companies. BFF is providing these services in multiple states for the largest health plans in the country. Our services involve Locating, Educating and Engaging members for the plans. The engagement services include performing Non-Clinical Health Risk Screen, member appointments, connecting members with Care Coordinators and Redetermination services. BFF is a certified minority owned company that delivers best in class engagement rates for our health plan partners.

Jessica Migdal

Business Development Manager

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