Avesis has extensive experience building innovative vision and dental programs tailored for Commercial, Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare Advantage Health Plans throughout the country. We exceed our partners’ expectations through our:

State-of-the-art claim system – paying claims accurately and promptly whether FFS, capitated or a hybrid of both.

Point of Service Vision/Dental/Medical Information Integration – Avesis has the unique ability to facilitate communication between our health plan partners, their members and the network of providers at the point of service. Our two-way communication system allows for specific care instructions and information to flow from the health plan to the providers and members; and conversely, observed member medical information can flow from the providers back to the health plan.

Web based solutions – providing enhanced access to information, including reporting.

High level of response to needs from our health plan partners, network, providers and other parties.

NCQA level credentialing. 

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