The impact of substance use disorders on Managed Care Organizations is significant – not only from the financial burden of frequent emergency room visits to increased hospital re-admittance rates, but to the mounting health-related issues facing an individual with SUD daily.

Basic drug testing fails to provide the evidence-based behavioral modification elements essential to reduce substance use, deter relapse, and improve long-term patient outcomes. At Averhealth, as an evidence-based SUD Specialty Laboratory, we reduce long-term medical costs and improve patient outcomes through: random testing; reliable, next business day test results; broad and customizable testing panels; daily engagement and reinforcement; and pre-relapse intervention. Averhealth uses interactive mobile patient engagement tools as part of a comprehensive treatment and compliance program that results in better outcomes than basic drug testing.

Averhealth is a long-term Medicaid and Medicare provider that for nearly 25 years has served thousands of probation and treatment court programs throughout the country. We provide SUD monitoring and treatment for more than 300,000 active patients in the justice-involved population. We are expanding our work in the general SUD population and are looking for new partnerships with MCOs that want to work with us to achieve better outcomes at reduced costs.

Jacquie Sheehey
Director of Marketing and Partner Relations
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