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Amber Pharmacy

Family-owned Amber Pharmacy is one of the nation’s largest,independent specialty pharmacies. For nearly 15 years, Amber Pharmacy has provided comprehensive services for chronic health conditions, including transplant, oncology, and hepatitis C virus. The ACHC accredited company provides services nationwide and is headquartered in Omaha with pharmacies in Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

Dedicated clinical teams support patients and healthcare providers. Amber Pharmacy’s Promises Programs offer access to needed medications and the clinical support necessary to promote medication adherence and compliance. Educational resources and counseling and clinical support and monitoring are provided to enhance the patient’s understanding of their medication management needs. This comprehensive approach results in greater compliance, improved patient outcomes, and lower overall health care costs for plan sponsors and participants.

Additional value added services include:

  • Amber Pharmacy serves as a strategic partner and offers a consultative approach to ensure effective and accountable management of high-cost specialty medications.
  • In Amber Pharmacy’s 2011 annual survey, an impressive 100% of customers reported they are satisfied with Amber Pharmacy’s services. 74% gave Amber Pharmacy the highest rating possible, indicating they feel our services are EXCEPTIONAL!
  • Amber Pharmacy verifies insurance eligibility and proactively coordinates benefits to make certain the patient and payer receive the most from their coverage and effectively manage costs.

Amber Pharmacy’s proprietary patient care platform offers extreme flexibility and is easily customized for specific client needs, which in turn enables demonstrated outcomes and accountability through customized data collection and reporting capabilities. 

Luis Torres
Vice President, Managed Care
10004 South 152nd Street, Suite A, Omaha, NE  68138
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