Altarum’s analytic solution delivers a complete process for implementing focused bundled payment programs: defining budgets, tracking actual costs against budgets, creating comprehensive reports for payers and providers that promote data transparency. The analytic solution provides intuitive data sets for identifying the best episode candidates for bundled payment programs and the best providers – giving health plans the ability to create prospective budgets and severity adjusted budgets for specific bundles.

Altarum’s analytic solution identifies the analysis-revealing areas of health care spend that can be reduced, the sources of variation, and where to improve on the quality of care – providing organizations with access to detailed per-patient reports, drilling down to the claim line level to understand where all costs were incurred and with the ability to track Potentially Avoidable Complications (PACs) and understand their potential cause. Additionally, the analytic solution provides an in-depth analysis with a comprehensive view of the various dimensions of low-value care and the corresponding amounts of low-value care being paid for and delivered – providing an understanding of the biggest drivers of low-value care and benchmark comparisons.

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