Alivi Health is a licensed Third-Party Administrator who helps health plans manage supplemental and value-based benefits like non-emergency medical transportation, flex card, SSBCI, food, hearing, vision, dental, OTC, therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Our primary benefit is non-emergency medical transportation, where using flexible technology, compliant processes, and experienced people, we guarantee industry leading performance and member satisfaction, with a smooth implementation.

Alivi’s benefits are purpose-built to address Social Determinants of Health while creating Health Equity, deliver a delightful Member Experience, promote Member Engagement, and create Competitive Advantage to attract new members and retain existing ones.

About Alivi Health’s SDOH Services: 

Addressing SDOH with Alivi is easy, because our technology is flexible enough to manage any specialty and benefit configuration, whether in-home, virtual, or office-based, including customized limits, frequencies, allowances, rewards, loyalty points, and discounts – all in one card, one app, and one website.

Alivi can manage Flex Card, SSBCI, Transportation and other benefits to include medical bill payments, co-pay assistance, utility bill assistance, housing payment, temporary housing, transportation, meal delivery, grocery delivery, and more.

Gabriel Rojas

Vice President

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Miami, FL 33126