Alera Health (formerly Blaze Advisors) creates relationships where everyone has an equal vested interest in success. As points of care are unified between primary care providers, hospitals, behavioral health providers and payors, healthier communities emerge.

Our goal is to create a continuum of care where the patient moves seamlessly between providers based on need when and where necessary. Their story only needs to be told once for the benefit of the provider, the payor, and most of all, the patient.

We are not an ACO, we are a unified network of care where our tactical and technological services facilitate the exchange of information needed to streamline communication and collaboration.

Alera Health builds and manages Integrated Systems of Care (ISOC) for some of the US’s largest Medicaid MCOs. Alera Health specializes in bringing together behavioral health providers as well as primary care providers under value-based payment (VBP) arrangements, and provides the governance, technology, and analytics necessary to thrive in VBP arrangements. Learn more about how Alera Health has helped MCOs improve performance on quality measures, and lower the cost of care by visiting

Kye Gardner
Executive Director of Corporate Operations & Development
5100 Northcreek Drive
Wilmington, NC 28409