For over 35 years, our research has helped executives work smarter and faster by providing clarity on health care’s most pressing issues – and strategies for addressing them.

As today’s health care landscape evolves, health plan leaders are dealing with new challenges. These include creating deeper partnerships with providers, influencing consumers as agents of change, and expanding product features. To be successful, leaders must identify profitable growth strategies, forge key network partnerships, and optimally engage purchasers and members to meet objectives.

Our network spans over 350 researchers and 4,400+ member health care organizations including payers, providers, life science firms, and supplier organizations. Through this network, we support health plans’ executive, commercial, and medical leaders with research and guidance that help them accelerate strategic objectives.

Our research is unique. We don’t just provide datasets or crunch numbers. We figure out what other plans have done, why those strategies were successful, and provide you those insights. This enables you to quickly sift through the best strategies, prioritize challenges, execute on initiatives that work, and add tangible value to your plan.

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