3M works with health plans to deliver innovative solutions that enable success in value-based care, reducing costs and providing higher quality care. Our risk-adjusted performance analytics deliver actionable information needed for detailed, data-driven decision making.

Through a collection of consulting services, analytics and software as a service, 3M helps clients:

• Collaborative with providers. 3M provides the ability to share reports and analytics directly to providers through an online data portal.
• Transform payment methodologies. 3M designs payment models that reward providers for quality of care, not quantity of services.
• Assess risk. We evaluate which organizations are ready to participate in risk-based programs, such as accountable care organizations.
• Manage population health. 3M technologies can help manage the cost and care of an entire population across the health continuum.
• Deliver and reward value-based care. We offer accessible, actionable data to stakeholders to improve the patient experience and provide cost-effective care.

The 3M system for data intake, processing and analysis harmonizes claims data from various sources, creating a data foundation that informs and supports efforts to increase healthcare value. With datasets in place, 3M provides strategic and logistical support across program design, implementation and management. 3M helps set goals, allocate resources and define performance objectives while measuring and tracking key performance indicators and goal progress.

Dean Panovich
Manager, Client Engagement
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Murray, UT 84123