1upHealth offers an integrated solution to meet all CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rule requirements for health plans, including: Patient Access API, Provider Directory API, and Payer to Payer Data Exchange. 1upHealth’s integrated FHIR Interoperability platform can consume and transform data from legacy systems, load to its scalable, HIPAA compliant Cloud FHIR server, manage 3rd party applications access (via OAuth 2 tokens, and 3rd party app attestation), manage members’ consent, and provide developer & member support. 1up can offer both its solution as well as services to help implement, configure, and tailor to meet health plan specific needs.

Beyond the CMS Rule, 1upHealth offers other capabilities and services to health plans including:
Provider Integration. Integrate directly with health systems across all top EHRs to receive data from a single FHIR endpoint for your entire member population (e.g., for Risk Adjustment, Quality Reporting, etc.)
Access Patient Mediated Data. 1up is already live in production helping patients access clinical EHR data and share with 3rd party apps by connecting to over 10,000 hospitals and health centers across the US.
Pop Health Analytics. 1up offers ANSI SQL query interface, bulk FHIR APIs, and the ability to connect to existing analytics and visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI, etc.)
In-EHR Workflow Integration. Leverage our EHR-agnostic SMART on FHIR application to integrate directly into provider workflows (e.g., for gaps in care, prior authorization workflows, etc.)

Kyle Brew

Solution Architect

12211 Washington Blvd #102
Los Angeles, CA 90066