Founded in 2020, Rialtic serves as the central platform for healthcare payers and providers to run critical operations to lower costs, increase efficiency and provide better care to patients. Rialtic’s best-in-class payment accuracy product brings programs in-house and helps health insurance companies gain total control over processes that have been managed by disparate and misaligned vendors.

The platform continuously sources, ingests, and structures healthcare payment policy documents and data, making it available to customers to power up-to-date decisions. Payment policies are highly configurable and customizable: insurers can edit or build their own bespoke policies, while providers can analyze potential reimbursement levels. The platform enhances business intelligence by providing robust analytics across claims, lines of business, markets, payments and policies. The platform was built with security and compliance top of mind to empower teams across health insurers and healthcare providers to work off the same platform with rigorous security controls, a standard in enterprise software.

Nick Stone

Sales Leader

3405 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 130
Atlanta, GA 30305