Safety Net Health Plans as Partners in the Community 

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Safety Net Health Plans establish deep, abiding connections with their communities. As not-for-profit, community-based health plans, they have commitments to their communities and support the Medicaid program through strong and lean times, providing a host of services that benefit not only their members but also the community at large. Safety Net Health Plans are presences at community events, bedrock participants in health fairs, and bring health education services to members and non-members alike. Two examples of the many ways in which Safety Net Health Plans benefit the community follow.

L.A. Care has opened two brick-and-mortar Family Resource Centers in the neighborhoods of Lynwood and Inglewood. Both offer a host of free services to its members–including classes, workshops, lectures, self-management health programs, and health screenings. Both locations feature on-site member services representatives to help members better understand their health benefits, and find local doctors and clinics.

The Family Resource Centers provide services to people in the community who are not members of L.A. Care, as well – in addition to representatives on hand who can help members discern their eligibility for free or low-cost health coverage, the plan also offers free weight-loss classes, as well as other classes that discuss control of chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma.

Horizon NJ Health’s “Care-a-Van” program is foundational to the plan’s significant outreach efforts across the State of New Jersey. The plan participates in hundreds of community events each year, ranging from health screenings and immunizations to a range of health education programs on topics such as asthma, diabetes and child obesity. The Care-A-Van program is in its tenth year of operation.