I am writing to follow-up on several conversations ACAP plans and staffs have had with your CMCS team, most recently Penny Thompson’s participation at ACAP’s February Policy Face-to-Face earlier this year, as well as the call which we had with Nancy Klimon and her staff earlier this month. We similarly appreciate being able to share our concerns, challenges and successes with your office as we move forward implementing the Medicaid expansion and other related provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Your office’s willingness to include managed care plans as CMCS goes forward and works on approaches to improving the Medicaid and CHIP program, encourage meaningful data collection and focus on outcomes and quality, are very much appreciated.

During the call which we had with Nancy Klimon, we discussed several areas with which we are concerned and which may be under consideration by the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) as you undertake an update the 42 CFR Part 438, the Medicaid Managed Care regulations. We promised to follow-up that call by providing comments in writing, and they are, therefore, incorporated in this letter.

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