Quality Measurement Analyst

This position is responsible to provide analytical support to the Quality Measurement Department’s strategic objectives, including but not limited to, ongoing clinical measurement and improvement processes. Includes, but is not limited to, year-round Gaps in Care reporting, and surveillance of innovative quality improvement interventions. The QM Analyst will function as a primary systems configuration analyst, programmer/analyst, and technical liaison to IT Department programmers that support QM initiatives.

• Analytical support the Quality Measurement Department, including but not limited to, the design and creation of SQL data extract queries to obtain data and
perform research necessary to advance clinical quality of care
• Continuous collaboration with CenCal Health’s Quality Measurement and Clinical Quality Specialists teams, to provide analytical support to the development
and implementation of clinical interventions to maximize quality of care and delivery of service
• Configuration of quality measurement systems and software to execute routine quality measurement priorities
• Configuration of quality measurement data files necessary to execute HEDIS, Gaps in Care, and P4P program reporting
• Development, editing and analysis of reports used for QM and population health surveillance through Cognos
• Collect primary source data to conduct data validation to assure the accuracy and reliability HEDIS, Gaps in Care, and Pay for Performance program
• Serve on various staff committees, teams and workgroups as appropriate
• Other duties as assigned

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