Chief Strategy Officer

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Job Summary

This position is responsible for overseeing business development, strategic initiatives and external strategy development for the organization. This position applies an enterprise view to pursue opportunities for long-term growth and revenue from customers, markets and relationships that ensure alliance with the organization’s vision, mission, and direction. Primary duties include business development efforts, strategic planning and visioning, as well as cross-functional leadership of resources, relationships, and teams.

Essential Responsibilities

Technical/Strategic Leadership

Business Development

Oversees efforts to research, identify, and evaluate business development activities or opportunities that are in furtherance of CareOregon’s mission or strategic objectives.
Manages both our existing sales pipeline and develops new business opportunities.
Identifies trands and customer needs, building a short/medium/long-term sales pipeline.
Develops strategies and positions by analyzing new venture integration.
Takes a lead role in the development of proposals and presentations for new businesses; creates and nurtures business opportunities and partnerships.
Leads processes to identify and explore opportunities to expand CareOregon functionality to serve external customers.

Strategic Business Initiatives

Leads CareOregon’s external strategic planning process in collaboration and coordination with CareOregon’s executive leadership team.
Ensures the strategic plan informs prioritization of work and budgeting process; updates strategic plan, as circumstances or environment evolves over time.
Ensures effective change and implementation activities and collaboration are in place across impacted stakeholder groups.
Ensures understanding and alignment across intersecting departments, matrixed relationships, and external partners.
Champions innovation, process review, and refinement.
Serves as a champion for key projects and initiatives.
Influences decisions and policies pertaining to affiliated entities.
Oversees performance metrics, outcomes, and reporting.

Strategic Planning and Visioning

Leads development of the vision and direction of the organization in partnership with Officer team.
Leads development and oversight of strategic plans and goals in alignment with organizational vision and mission.
Oversees operational structure for areas of oversight, and participates in organizational policy discussions.
Maintains an enterprise view, while influencing and overseeing business unit priorities.

Financial/Resource Oversight

Approves teams’ budgets in alignment with organizational direction and strategic plans.
Ensures teams have sufficient resources to meet team goals.
Oversees budget performance across areas of oversight.
Identifies and approves resource allocations, including people, finances, and timelines; makes decisions on exceptions.


Directs team(s) and establishes team direction and goals in alignment with the organizational mission, vision, and values.
Identifies work and staffing models; recruits, hires, and oversees a team to meet work needs, using an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens.
Identifies department priorities; ensures employees have information and resources to meet job expectations.
Leads the development, communication, and oversight of team and individual goals; ensures goals, expectations, and standards are clearly understood by staff.
Manages, coaches, motivates, and guides employees; promotes employee development.
Incorporates guidance from CareOregon equity tools into people leadership, planning, operations, evaluation, budgeting, resource allocation, and decision making.
Ensures team adheres to department and organizational standards, policies, and procedures.
Evaluates employee performance and provides regular feedback to support success; recognizes strong performance and addresses performance gaps and accountability (corrective action).
Performs supervisory tasks in collaboration with Human Resources as needed.

Organizational Responsibilities
Perform work in alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
Support the organization’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion by fostering a culture of open mindedness, cultural awareness, compassion, and respect for all individuals.
Strive to meet annual business goals in support the organization’s strategic goals.
Adhere to the organization’s policies, procedures, and other relevant compliance needs.
Perform other duties as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required


Advanced knowledge of state and federal managed care program requirements including Oregon Health Plan health care laws and regulations
Ability to obtain and retain knowledge of:
government regulations as they relate to the administration of the Medicaid program;
the principles and practices of managed care and Coordinated Care Organizations;
plan benefits, the Prioritized List, systems and procedures, changes in Medicaid guidelines and regulations, changes in the health care services, changes in the legal/legislative arena that impact operations; and
health care public policy issues
Understanding of the nature of governance; board obligations, responsibilities, roles and duties; governance/director best practices
Understanding of healthcare industry structure/dynamics
Understanding of health plan financing, health care costs, health outcome measures such as HEDIS and CAHPS, and health plan operations, such as claims payment, customer service, medical management, and quality improvement.
Understanding of CareOregon, including its market, vision/mission, strategies, management, operations and financial structure
Strong understanding of business development concepts and methodologies
Strong understanding of the fundamental drivers of business, customers, partners and competitors

Skills and Abilities

Strong people management skills, including the ability to effectively lead and motivate others
Comprehensive program planning and development, management and evaluation skills
Ability to manage multiple functions and integrate work across multiple systems
Ability to work in a cooperative, informative and proactive manner with the Oregon Health Authority, state legislators and Oregon’s Congressional delegation
Excellent research, writing, listening and verbal communication skills
Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills
Excellent public speaking/presentation skills
Ability to oversee prioritization and performance of cross-functional projects
Ability to negotiate favorable outcomes, and build consensus
Strategic planning and budget management skills
Ability to work in an environment with diverse individuals and groups
Basic word processing skills
A “service orientation” in dealing with the board chair, board committee chairs and directors
Willingness/ability to occasionally work irregular hours (e.g., evening meetings and weekend activities)

Physical Skills and Abilities Required
Lifting/Carrying up to 0 Pounds

Pushing/Pulling up to 0 Pounds

Pinching/Retrieving Small Objects


Reaching Above Shoulders

Climbing Stairs

Repetitive Finger/Wrist/Elbow/

Shoulder/Neck Movement

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

3-6 hours/day








Speaking Clearly

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

More than 6 hours/day

More than 6 hours/day

3-6 hours/day

3-6 hours/day

Cognitive and Other Skills and Abilities Required

Ability to focus on and comprehend information, learn new skills and abilities, assess a situation and seek or determine appropriate resolution, accept managerial direction and feedback, and tolerate and manage stress.

Education and/or Experience


Minimum 12 years’ relevant experience, including at least 8 years in the areas of business development, public policy, strategic planning, executive leadership or related areas
Minimum 5 years’ experience in a supervisory position

Leadership experience for Medicaid and Medicare plans

Working Conditions

Environment: This position’s primary responsibilities typically take place in the following environment(s) (check all that apply on a regular basis):
☒ Inside/office ☐ Clinics/health facilities ☐ Member homes

☐ Other_________________________________________

Travel: This position may include occasional required or optional travel outside of the workplace, in which the employee’s personal vehicle, local transit, or other means of transportation may be used.
Equipment: General office equipment
Hazards: n/a
Candidates of color are strongly encouraged to apply. CareOregon is committed to building a linguistically and culturally diverse and inclusive work environment

Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.

Equal opportunity employer. This company considers all candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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