Chief Information Officer

Under general direction of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for ensuring that the information technology department staff and infrastructure of CenCal Health are optimized and aligned to consistently deliver strategic and tactical business objectives.

The CIO will be responsible for all aspects of CenCal Health’s information technology platform and functions, and will partner with the Leadership Team to align CenCal Health information technology development and deployment with the organization’s overall strategic direction. Acts as “Thought Leader” for the company in working with business counterparts to develop technical solutions that enhance the overall operations within the company.

The CIO will direct the planning, development and implementation of enterprise Information Technology (IT) systems which support business operations to improve automation, processing effectiveness, comprehensive reporting capabilities and continued service quality.

The CIO will be responsible for directing the Project Management Office (PMO) in the successful planning, execution and implementation of strategic projects across the health plan’s operations. This includes overseeing the successful delivery of vendor project items and support.

The CIO is responsible for the development and delivery of all corporate data and reporting to the appropriate recipients such as vendor partners, internal customers and regulatory entities. He/she is also responsible for acquiring and implementing new analytical tools to enable the health plan’s business and financial operations to utilize comprehensive data reporting to better run the business and predict financial probabilities prospectively.

The CIO will also be responsible for the security of the company’s data assets and act as the Security Officer for CenCal Health. He/she will be responsible for the creation and implementation of a disaster recovery plan that assures restart of core functions within no later than a 24 hour window.

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