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General Statement of Duties

The Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CEDIO) is responsible for leading the development and implementation of Health Share’s equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. As a member of the Executive Team, this position manages an organization-wide effort to support the organization’s stated intent to hold DEI First as a guiding value promotion of the organization’s “Leading with Race” commitment. This position provides leadership for the development and implementation of proactive initiatives to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in support of Health Share’s mission and values, CCO 2.0, and the contractual obligations the CCO carries.

Essential Position Functions

Equity and Engagement Leadership

Provide leadership and articulate a clear link between equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives and the impact to Health Share’s overall performance; participate in the development of vision, goals, and strategic plans regarding equity and engagement for the organization.
Develop and support an equity-first approach to strategic community-based initiatives, plans, and goals in alignment with organizational vision and goals.
Provide strategic leadership in the development of culturally specific and culturally responsive policy and service delivery models, as well as standardized guidelines and criteria addressing health equity programs and initiatives to ensure Health Share is a leader in addressing avoidable health disparities through developing and overseeing a comprehensive health equity initiative.
Identify and plan professional development programs to raise awareness and develop best practices to cultivate a culture of civility, respect, and ethical behavior, and that help build a welcoming and inclusive culture within the organization.
Develop, or direct the development of, documented policies and procedures relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion through a racial equity lens.
Ensure alignment and collaboration among different service lines (e.g., housing, health employment, etc.) to support the unique needs and opportunities of culturally specific populations.
Advise on communication strategies for Health Share’s equity and inclusion objectives and initiatives.
Provide strategic leadership for the Community Advisory Council (CAC) to ensure recommendations to the Health Share Board of Directors represent consumer and community health needs and to ensure that Health Share remains responsive to consumer and community health needs.
Oversee the development of the Community Health Needs Assessment through participation in the Healthy Columbia Willamette Collaborative.
Oversee the development and assist in the implementation of the Community Health Improvement Plan based on the results of the Community Health Needs Assessment; collaborate with partner organizations and community organizations to ensure alignment with the Community Health Improvement Plan.
Oversee development of and compliance with the Health Equity plan as required by CCO 2.0.
Oversee development of and compliance with the Traditional Health Worker plan as required by CCO 2.0.
Participate in and assist in compliance of the Social Determinants of Health plan as required by CCO 2.0.
Work in partnership with organizational leadership on the development, implementation, and oversight of Health Share’s Transformation and Quality Plan.
Recommend budgets in alignment with short and long-term plans; oversee resources to ensure priorities are accomplished.
Approve resource allocations within budget, including people, finances, and timeline; make decisions on exceptions.
Identify and advocate for opportunities to advance, equity, diversity, and inclusion within Health Share, including advising Health Share leaders on related emerging issues .

Management and Leadership

Train, supervise and evaluate performance of assigned staff.
Provide staff with the training, mentoring and resources necessary to carry out their work.
Ensure adherence to department and organizational standards, policies, and procedures.
Ensure performance goals, expectations and standards are clearly understood by supervised staff.
Evaluate employee performance on an ongoing basis; take appropriate corrective action if needed.
Perform human resource functions in collaboration with Human Resources.
Actively partner and participate with other Health Share executives and leadership team staff in leading the organization through day-to-day and strategic business.

Essential Department and Organizational Functions

Propose and implement process improvements.
Meet deadlines for completion of workload.
Maintain agreed upon work schedule.
Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork.
Provide cross-training on specific job responsibilities.
Meet identified business goals that contribute to departmental goals.
Perform other duties as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

Deep understanding, awareness, and sensitivity to experiences of marginalized people and an understanding of the national trends and issues on diversity, equity, and inclusion within a Medicaid environment
Ability to work with diverse populations and establish rapport and trust with diverse audiences; understanding of and sensitivity to diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural background, disabilities, and sexual orientation of members, partners, and staff
Excellent interpersonal and conflict-resolutions skills; ability to promote collaboration and consensus building among departments and a variety of stakeholders groups
Ability to analyze and make sound recommendations on complex issues, including identification of alternative solutions and projecting consequences of different plans of action
Excellence in communication (written, verbal, and listening) and the ability to communicate with all levels of an organization; strong presentation and public speaking skills
Strong leadership skills, including the ability to lead internal team and external stakeholders
Budget management skills which result in maximizing impact and results through responsible and careful stewardship of funds and resources
Ability to prioritize and organize, coordinate multiple projects simultaneously

Physical Skills and Abilities
Lifting/Carrying up to 0 Pounds

Pushing/Pulling up to 0 Pounds

Pinching/Retrieving Small Objects



Climbing Stairs

Repetitive Finger/Wrist/Elbow/

Shoulder/Neck Movement

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

More than 6 hours/day








Speaking Clearly

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

0 hours/day

More than 6 hours/day

More than 6 hours/day

3-6 hours/day

3-6 hours/day

Cognitive and Other Skills and Abilities

Ability to focus on and comprehend information, learn new skills and abilities, assess a situation, and seek or determine appropriate resolution, accept managerial direction, and feedback, and tolerate and manage stress.

Education and/or Experience

Minimum 10 years’ related experience required, including experience in community health, public sector health, or social service delivery systems. Minimum 3 years’ people management experience.

Working Conditions

Environment: This position’s primary responsibilities typically take place in the following environment(s) (check all that apply on a regular basis):
☒ Inside/office ☐ Clinics/health facilities ☐ Member homes

☐ Other_________________________________________

Travel: This position may include occasional required or optional travel outside of the workplace, in which the employee’s personal vehicle, local transit, or other means of transportation may be used.
Equipment: General office equipment
Hazards: n/a
Equal opportunity employer. This company considers all candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

Veterans welcome to apply

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