Care Team Supervisor (NARA Indian Managed Care Entity)

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This position supervises a combination of clinical and non-clinical staff who provide culturally responsive supervision and member services, many of whom are Native American themselves. Additionally, this position supports the development and implementation of groundbreaking Indian Managed Care Entity work in partnership with the Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA) NW.

General Statement of Duties
This position is responsible for supervising the daily operations of a cross-functional regional care team designed to support the care coordination needs of our members and to meet the Exceptional Needs Care Coordination OARs governed by the Oregon Health Authority. Regional teams are located in one of three areas: Centrally located teams at the health plan, community-based teams and teams in our CCO regions (e.g., Jackson County and Columbia Pacific). This position is also responsible for meeting various CCO integration requirements as they are developed and implemented, including assuring implementation of effective care coordination processes with the Long Term Services and Supports agencies and providers in each CCO region. This position also assures effective support to the delivery system related to care coordination needs for their patients, and as such, maintains excellent collaborative working relationships with Plan Operations benefit management leaders and staff. Finally, this position supervises a combination of clinical and non-clinical staff.

Essential Position Functions
• Lead the daily work of care coordination staff, and act as a resource for staff who encounter challenges with assuring access to health care services for members.
• Provide side by side supervision, coaching and training on care coordination job responsibilities and programmatic initiatives; consult or involve other supervisors or managers as needed.
• Provide leadership and health plan integration support to CCO regional executives, transformation specialists, and clinical advisory panel and community advisory council members.
• Provide leadership and health plan integration support to community partners and social service agencies that serve our members; act as liaison between CareOregon and community partners by assisting in communications and problem solving when appropriate.
• Assure appropriate referrals and handoffs from care team staff to other health plan programmatic staff occur.
• Review staff’s work to ensure understanding and implementation of program priorities and principles.
• Ensure daily activities are being monitored, scheduled and coordinated across the team.
• Identify areas for program and process improvement and make recommendations to department management.
• Develop community resource partnerships with associated service providers, such as behavioral health and high use member provider sites
• Work with Population Health Partnership leadership to develop, monitor and evaluate metrics to assess care team effectiveness.
• Act as a role model for department staff for professional behavior and appropriate work ethic.
• Participate in multidisciplinary rounds during which members’ needs are discussed and evaluated and plans of care developed and/or updated, as needed.
• Maintain working knowledge of mandated benefits as they relate to members enrolled in relevant programs.
• Promote the creative use of available community resources as an adjunct to health plan benefits and follow-up to determine if these are received by the member.
• Perform other duties and projects as assigned.

Essential Department and Organizational Functions
• Represent Population Health Partnership Division at interdepartmental meetings and projects.
• Identify opportunities to collaborate with other departments to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
• Collaborate with roles across departments to achieve organizational goals and initiatives.
• Provide periodic coverage for staff assignments as appropriate in order to stay current with work processes or as needed to support the unit when absences require management assistance
• Propose and implement process improvements.
• Meet deadlines for completion of workload.
• Maintain agreed upon work schedule.
• Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork.
• Provide cross-training on specific job responsibilities.
• Meet identified business goals that contribute to departmental goals.

Management and Leadership
• Analyze staffing needs and provide recommendations to Population Health Managers for decision making.
• Work with department staff to determine coverage during times of unplanned absences and when necessary, cover an assignment.
• Train, supervise and evaluate performance of assigned staff.
• Provide staff with the training, mentoring and resources necessary to carry out their work.
• Ensure adherence to department and organizational standards, policies and procedures.
• Ensure performance goals, expectations and standards are clearly understood by supervised staff.
• Evaluate employees’ performance on an ongoing basis and take appropriate corrective action if needed.
• Perform human resource functions in collaboration with Human Resources.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
• Ability to supervise multidisciplinary teams to reach their full potential for collaboration, productivity and effectiveness
• Ability to keep multiple tasks on track and bring projects successfully to completion
• Ability to remain flexible; positive, and adaptable
• Ability to commit to process improvement, employee development, principles of cultural competence, and personal growth
• Able to build productive professional relationships, hold staff accountable and resolve conflicts successfully
• Working knowledge of OHP and Medicare benefits
• Working knowledge and use of Trauma Informed language and principles
• Working knowledge of ENCC OARs and CCO integration requirements and CareOregon’s current Medicare Model of Care standards
• Understanding of mental health and Substance use disorders and how they impact health
• Understanding and use of Person First language and principals
• Ability to display non-judgmental attitude.
• Knowledge of community social service agencies.
• Ability to work in a continuously changing environment and support others to embrace change
• Strong motivational skills to inspire and facilitate staff engagement and learning
• Ability to synthesize bio/psycho social information and define the significant priorities for patients with complex illness
• Aptitude for behavior change coaching
• Ability to mentor individual and team growth
• Ability to implement projects and to train staff to new processes and procedures
• Ability to problem solve creatively
• Ability to develop and implement policies and procedures
• Ability to work in an environment with diverse individuals and groups
• Aptitude for using computer based programs
• Familiarity with operations of primary care clinics

Education and/or Experience

• Licensed Master’s Level Mental Health Professional (LCSW, LPC, or LMFT) or LMSW with 3 years post-graduate experience in a clinical setting
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in clinical population health program

• Supervisory experience in a managed care setting

Candidates of color are strongly encouraged to apply. CareOregon is committed to building a linguistically and culturally diverse and inclusive work environment
Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply.
Equal opportunity employer. This company considers all candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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