Amy Carrillo, Member Services Supervisor at Kern Health Systems, Celebrated With Making a Difference Award

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WASHINGTON – The Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) today recognizes Amy Carrillo, Member Services Supervisor at Kern Health Systems (KHS) in California, with the Making a Difference award. ACAP presents the national Making a Difference award to an employee of a member plan who exceeds their position’s responsibilities to improve their community, strengthen vulnerable populations, and fulfill community needs.

“ACAP is honored to recognize Ms. Carrillo for her commitment to enhancing member satisfaction for Kern County residents from all walks of life,” said ACAP CEO Margaret A. Murray. “She is an inspiring example of how community health plans can touch people’s lives when they listen to their members’ concerns and become advocates for their health and quality of life.”

Ms. Carrillo serves underrepresented and often silenced populations by actively collecting member feedback and taking action to find solutions to these members’ problems. For example, when a member with end stage liver failure lost her Medi-Cal coverage over an eligibility technicality, Amy worked alongside the family and county for weeks to restore the patient’s coverage so she could complete her treatment.

Ms. Carrillo has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the health care needs of KHS members from all backgrounds through providing staff with educational opportunities and advocating for members. She worked with the Executive Director of the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity to organize the first Member Services’ inclusivity training event. The day consisted of a lineup of guest speakers that discussed the health care challenges of Kern County’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Amy’s dedication to inclusivity extends to all her interactions with members.

Voted KHS Employee of the Year in 2016 by her colleagues, Ms. Carrillo aided in the development of the Kern Health Systems Member Portal, suggesting several self-service features to enhance member experience, increase access, and improve customer service. A year after its release, Ms. Carrillo continues to search for areas to improve.

“Finding people as empathetic and willing to help others as Amy Carrillo is no easy feat. Kern Family Health Care is lucky to have such a caring, accomplished, and dedicated professional as a part of our team,” said Douglas A. Hayward, CEO of Kern Health Systems. “Amy reminds us all of the power we have to impact others’ lives and improve our community.”

Amy’s personal experiences as a cancer survivor and current fighter of Valley Fever have inspired her to support health-focused non-profits and other local organizations. Ms. Carrillo participates in numerous community and fundraising events that contribute to such organizations.

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