Manager of Telephonic Care Coordination

The Manager of Telephonic Care Coordination is responsible for carrying out the mission and goals of this business unit within Health Services, serving members in the MedQUEST and Medicare DSNP programs. The Manager’s objectives involve an integrated relationship with field-based clinical staff, striving toward outstanding telephonic care coordination. The quality and financial goal of the Manager is to prevent low or medium risk members from moving toward high health service utilization, poor quality outcomes, and escalating avoidable costs. Conversely, the Manager’s goal is also to collaborate and facilitate the movement of members from high risk levels to medium or low risk levels. The Manager aligns the department and staff to AlohaCare’s mission, vision, values, and strategies.

Primary Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies:
• Manage operations to achieve department goals and objectives in satisfying or exceeding contractual obligations, accreditation standards, and service to members and providers
• Close gaps in care to avoid future acute episodes
• Manage the budgetary and financial aspects of the department
• Make business decisions that consider organizational policies and procedures, Business Conduct Guidelines, transparency and accountability, and financial or budgetary impact
• Improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and productivity of operational processes and procedures
• Establish internal controls and feedback processes that enable rapid identification of significant trends or variances in operations and early responses
• Be dependable in preparing, maintaining, and communicating reports related to departmental functions for either internal use or external requests

• Communicating operating performance to Manager’s director and, as requested, other individuals within AlohaCare
• Commit to and execute continuous training and learning through different activities and venues
• Participate actively in Manager-oriented meetings
• Review performance data, including contractuals and financials, routinely, for the purpose of department productivity and goal achievement.

Human Resources-Related
• Plan level of staffing
• Work closely with Human Resources in planning, recruiting, choosing, hiring new staff, ensuring a formal on-boarding process
• Oversee and direct staff in accordance with AlohaCare’s policies and procedures and emphasizing the importance of staff health and safety
• Develop staff through coaching, mentoring, training, individualized career plan, and providing opportunity for continuous development, retaining talented individuals
• Delegate responsibility with its accountability to empower staff
• Allow for disagreement and conflict, fostering the values of teamwork and resolution that enhances the staff and department to be successful
• Train the staff in self-management of performance to encourage growth, participation, and achievement
• Recognize individual or group accomplishments
• Address undesirable individual or group behaviors that require disciplinary action, collaborating with Human Resources
• Maintain work schedules of care coordinators, based on rules of fairness, customer service, PTO, tele-commuting
• Communicate with staff, continuously, through a variety of modes or venues, including regular 1:1 meetings.

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