Manager, Behavioral Health

This position serves to assure oversight and coordination of mental/behavioral health services for CenCal Health Plan. Reporting directly to the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, the position is responsible for improving the organization and delivery of mental/behavioral health services as services that are fully integrated with other health care services. This is accomplished through the support of an inter-agency coordinating committee, regular meetings and communications with contracted vendors and providers.

CenCal Health considers mental/behavioral health services to be an important and integral part of health services provided to its members. Currently, non-PCP mental/behavioral health care is contracted through the Holman Group as a key part CenCal’s provider network. This position will serve as the primary liaison to the Department of Health Care Services Behavioral Health workgroup, the Holman Group, the Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness, and the San Luis Obispo County Mental Health Services Department.

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